What is audio mixing, and why do I need to do it?

Audio mixing is when you edit, revise, and fine-tune a mix of tracks which results in a polished song. Without audio mixing, your recording will sound like a rough cut of a song idea.  Audio mixing is the process by which multiple sounds are combined into one or more channels. In the process, a source’s volume level, frequency content, dynamics, and panoramic position are manipulated or enhanced. This practical, aesthetic, or otherwise creative treatment is done in order to produce a finished version that is appealing to listeners. Audio mixing is practiced for music, film, television and live sound. The process is generally carried out by a mixing engineer operating a mixing console or digital audio workstation.

Our professional song mixing engineers will give your music the added spark and clarity that can be difficult to achieve in a home studio. Our mixing services are here to help any artist produce radio-ready songs.  No other audio mixing services can offer the same level of expertise and convenience for your money.


The Music Mixing Process


Step one of the process is recording and producing your record or track from any studio.


Make a compressed zip folder of your files / vocals. Send files using WeTransfer.com to mix@diefunkhausgruppe.de.


We mix and make sure the vocals and beat is radio ready. Then send you the completed tracks via email.


Download and review the final mix. If you don’t love it, you can request unlimited revisions free of charge.


Choosing An Audio Mixing Service

When looking for audio mixing services to take your sound to the next level, the first step is finding a true music mixing company to make your music sound like what you hear on today’s radio. Does your music just not sound the same, is your audio dull and lifeless? Experienced audio mixing services develop unique sounds that take years if not decades to perfect, this is not a skill one can just learn from reading.

What to consider when choosing the right audio mixing services company?

  • Style
  • Sound
  • Reputation
  • Budget


How Much Does The Music Mixing Service Cost?

A single song mix using our professional mixing service normally starts at just £35.00, with prices based on turnaround time.

Get in touch for a quote based on your project’s requirements as song mixing prices may vary. Our Vocal Mixing Service covers vocals and a track beat, while a beat and instrumentation mix typically ranges from £40.00 to £80.00 depending on the number of stems.


The Role of a Mixing Engineer

In the process of creating a song or an album, one of the most important steps is audio mixing which is performed by an audio engineer. Whether the audio engineer is mixing the music online or the artist does the entire recording in a home recording studio; mixing engineers sharpen the song and help to achieve perfect harmony between the instruments and vocals at a specific frequency spectrum. Essentially making it possible for listeners to hear the words of a song over the instruments (but of course, while also enjoying the beat and melodies of the instruments in the production process).

If you’ve ever previewed a song you’ve never heard before, you most likely know if the record will actually sound great before the first minute of the song. That’s because most of us lack the patience to see if the melody will speak to us or not through our speakers. Things like the lyrics and melody tend to take time before the build and are a very important step when checking a recordings sound. The sound, however does not. A skilled audio engineer understands this crucial piece of the music-making process which is called audio mixing.

We all make snap judgments when it comes to the great sound of a song. If it’s captivating, then we listen to the mixed song which sounds great on our ears. That’s essentially why you need to get a professional sound mixer to mix your music while you are still learning. One of the many benefits of audio mixing services is that they can help make your sound immediately grab the attention of listeners.

Mixing engineers have quite a few ways to help bring out the best in a performance and this is a skill developed over time by learning and mastering the trade. A talented sound mixer knows how to strengthen the intensity of vocals and bring out the breathlessness of one if needed. The best sound mixers can manipulate sounds and refine them, they know how to make instruments sound more explosive and where to place them.

To get this done, a mixing engineer does the following:

  • Balances the levels on various tracks using EQ compression
  • Ensures the consistency of the stereo signal flow on the song
  • Applies the right effects to the mixed song- reverb, delays, etc.
  • Applies the right effects to the mixed song such as reverb, delays, etc.
  • Applies EQ compression to the multi track on all individual stems
  • Corrects the vocal pitching, high and low pass filters throughout


The Key Benefits of Audio Mixing

Here are the five biggest benefits of using a professional audio mixer to capture the quality sound you are searching for:

Saves both time and effort

We all know our time is limited in today’s fast paced world. Many independent artists just don’t have enough free time available to learn the extensive knowledge required to achieve the necessary skill set to achieve the sound they are after. Instead the rely on mixing engineers so they can focus on finishing music.

Finishing music is one of the hardest thing to do, but it’s also the most satisfying part of creating music. In essence audio mixing is the finish line of the song making process.

Hiring an audio engineer is a great idea for any artist looking to finally finish their music and will save you time and stress.

Provides Consistency

While working to enhance your tracks, the mixing engineer will also look to tweak how compatible and versatile your tracks are, so that your music will sound its best no matter where it is heard or played on.

A solid mix may sound great on the system you mixed it on. But a good mix should sound great everywhere across all platforms.

A mixing engineer will also work to make sure the volume levels from track to track stays consistent, and that there are no blaring jumps or drops in levels from one track to the next.

A mix engineer will also do the same for the frequency spectrum of your tracks, by making sure that the balance of bass and treble sound appropriate from track to track, while also respecting the natural differences in each recording during gain staging for example.

An audio mixer’s job is to find a way to make all the songs sound consistent across all platforms.

Creates a competitive edge

Nowadays, there are more musicians than ever making music so it is more important than ever that your music stands out from the rest. This becomes pivotal for you as a musician because your music is placed among thousands and thousands of songs all fighting for a listen. You don’t want your record drowning in a sea of mediocre music online.

Music mixing will give you a competitive edge when it comes to going up against others, make your music jump out by choosing an audio engineer who produces a unique sound. This is very important for a songs overall vibe as not all engineer’s music sounds the same, very few have the skills to create a unique sound of their own.

Maximizes your budget

We don’t have unlimited amounts of money in our pockets. Indy artists may not have the budget to record their song in a high end studio as well as getting it mixed by a professional. Instead they end up doing the bulk of this work themselves without putting in the countless hours to obtain the extensive knowledge needed to achieve the particular sound the are after, which looks a whole lot easier than it is.

This is a pretty standardized approach to music production nowadays. So go the extra mile and hire a professional engineer to take your music to that next level, this will separate your music from the competition and act as your new secret weapon.

Lets not forget, at some point you will eventually need to buy your own audio equipment and we all know that it is not cheap. The studio equipment list is extensive to have what is required, high-quality audio gear is pricy and ultimately outweighs the less expensive route of outsourcing your audio mixing and this service is not needed if your only working on reference tracks.

Many engineers prices will increase with their success, this is not true here. Our mixing services are priced at the same rate as before the success. We offer affordable rates to stay affordable for all up and coming independent artists. We don’t make just good music, we make great music!

Provides a second set of ears

The music mixer acts as a second set of highly trained ears that can catch mistakes in your mix, also curating a cohesive listening experience and bringing your audio quality up to broadcast standards across all platforms.

All musical projects can benefit from an outside opinion such as a audio engineer, this is a great line of defense to serve as a back stop. After listening to the same mix for hours on end your ears become biased and you take the risk of not missing certain issues.

Thankfully the mixing engineer can catch these problems in your mix and fix them before anyone else hears them. Beyond just fixing problems themselves, they’ll often provide optional mix tips that you can improve on before they do their work including multiple rounds of revisions included with your purchase.

Not only will this improve your current track but it will simultaneously make you an improved mixing engineer in the long run. You’ll be able to use these pro mixing tips and apply this information to future music mixing projects before sending the song to get mastered.