Imagine, all of your old home movies shot on video or camcorder tape digitised and transferred expertly on to a DVD or USB stick for you to relive again and again!  Each tape is returned with a DVD or USB stick, containing everything from the original tape.  You can order additional copies as well.  We can even add titles, at the beginning of the footage for each video we produce, up to a maximum of 100 characters. The title will last up to 10 seconds. 


Cost of VHS tape to DVD – transfer per tape = £25.00 (from)

Cost of VHS tape to USB – transfer per tape = £30.00 (from)

 The average life span of a video tape is just 10 years, so don’t put off converting your precious memories to digital format, eventually the footage will literally fade away.

Our video digitisation service is so simple to order, no need to worry how many minutes are on the tape and no need to worry what format your tape is, we offer a single price per tape service. We adopt an archival approach to every tape, meaning each tape is rewound to the very beginning and all of the content on the whole tape is captured and then returned to you as an exact digital replica on DVD or USB stick for you to enjoy time and time again.

Our VHS to digital service will take up to 7-10 working days but may vary during peak times or if your tape needs repairing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our service or what you’d like to be digitised.